Leaders of a sustainable way of doing business: Terme Sveti Martin became richer for another green certificate

Terma Sveti Martin has been doing green business for more than 10 years.

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15. September 2023.

Terme Sveti Martin became richer for one more green certificate and thereby once again showed that they are one of the leading tourist companies in continental Croatia in terms of sustainable way of doing business.

Certificate Green Key it is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable business in the tourism industry, and now it is also in the "hands" of Terme Sveti Martin. 

This prestigious certificate represents Terma's commitment to adhere to the strict criteria prescribed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It also stands as a promise to guests that by choosing this particular resort, they are helping to take care of the environment and sustainability. High environmental standards are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits.

This is another recognition that Terme can add to its rich "wall of fame", which includes the EU Ecolabel certificate, as well as others such as the "ZelEn" certificate, ISO certificates, as well as the Environmental Friendly Company certificate and the Green Destination award. They all represent the sustainability strategy of Terme Sveti Martin i green business which they spend more than 10 years.

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Photo: Igor Huhoja / Terme Sveti Martin

"Considering the great impact of the hotel industry and tourism on the environment, one of our strategic goals is to reduce it to a minimum. Investing in a sustainable way of doing business means investing in environmental protection, in the well-being of the local community and in new green technologies, which already ten years ago became an important element in our strategic planning. In the last few years, we have intensified our green strategy and raised it to a very enviable level, thus becoming the first hotel with the EU Ecolabel, and now we can also boast of the new Green Key certificate. With our certificates, we let every guest know that this is a high-quality destination where the environment and the local community are taken care of, and we also present an example of good practice to our colleagues in the industry, and we are happy to share and pass on our knowledge to others because we believe that a sustainable way of doing business is the only way of doing business for the future", she said Nuša Korotaj, General director of Terma Sveti Martin.

What exactly does that mean? 

Terme Sveti Martin is i the first hotel of this type in Croatia who received EU Ecolabel mark based on its efforts to reduce environmental impact. In order to get it, the hotel had to meet a number of standards and criteria that are key to green business, which they have been nurturing for many years. Through regular training of staff and guests, they try to show everyone how important it is to preserve the environment.

"We must certainly mention that the Spas introduce an ecological approach at all levels of their business and that with us it is not only energy saving when using air conditioners in the rooms, but we also try to implement green business down to the smallest detail, for example, we offer our guests the option to skip the maid service in order to save on the consumption of drinking water and detergent. All this makes us stand out as special, unique, strengthens our attractiveness and thus our position on the market, which ultimately leads to a positive business result." adds Korotaj. 

By implementing energy efficiency projects, installing five wastewater treatment plants, sorting waste, removing dangerous chemicals such as sulfuric acid, installing a solar smart bench, and a charging station for electric bicycles and cars, a green business system was created that is applied in all departments. 

The main goals of the resort are the education of employees, guests, but also the local population, continuous investment in energy efficiency, use of natural resources in the maintenance of green areas, continuous reduction of indiscriminate waste, use of as many recyclable materials as possible, use of locally grown food, increased cooperation with local suppliers, and the maximum sustainable development of the local community as well as the tourist destination. 

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Terme Sveti Martin is a proud holder of other certificates such as the ISO 50001:2011 Certificate, the "ZelEn" label, the Sustainable Hotel Certificate by UPUHH, the Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001), the Environment (ISO 14001), and Information Security (ISO 27001) ) as well as the Halal Certificate. 

Considering all of the above, we can certainly say that the Spas are the driver of green tourism not only in Međimurje, but in the whole of Croatia, and as such they proudly point out Green Destination certificate which Međimurje received as the only region in Croatia and only the 4th in the world.

/ / / Međimurje was awarded the prestigious prize for sustainability - Green Destinations

In addition to the employees, the resort invests great efforts in educating its guests about the small things they can do to protect the environment in which they live, so they can be found on all floors of the hotel bins for sorting waste, on the tables QR price lists to reduce paper printing, have been removed disposable packages from the buffet table as well as plastic utensils, guests are encouraged to rational food intake in order to reduce waste from it, it is located in the rooms natural cosmetics without additives harmful to the environment and packed in reusable packaging, and the interesting thing is a surprise gift if the guests decide that they do not need to change bed linen or towels every day, in order to reduce the consumption of water and detergents.

In order to offer their guests something completely different, in the thermal baths there is an opportunity to participate in a workshop andthey make candles from waste oils. As a resort with several kitchens, the Terma team figured out how to make the best use of waste oil from the kitchens. They are preserved and filtered, and with the addition of soy wax and fragrant essential oils, they are turned into scented candles that remain as a memory of the time spent in the "green spas".

/ / / Sustainable tourism: Terme Sveti Martin makes candles from waste oils. We also bring the recipe

Terme Sveti Martin is primarily looking for ways to use materials and resources in the best possible way, and if there is a possibility to recycle them. The best example for this is cooperation with associations for abandoned animals.

Materials that can no longer be used at the resort are donated to help care for abandoned animals. The protection of animal life is very important to this Pet friendly resort, so during the New Year holidays they no longer use fireworks so that the guests' pets, as well as all animals near the resort, can be safe. The money that was previously intended for the purchase of fireworks is now donated to associations, and guests are also asked not to use pyrotechnics not only for the protection of animals, but also for the sake of preserving the environment, and they are offered the opportunity to donate to the same associations themselves if they wish. . Also all funds that guests pay for accommodation of their own pets, thermal baths they donate to associations for the protection of animals.

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For the Terme Sveti Martin, it is extremely important to have local companies and OPGs as business partners, and in this way encourage the sustainable tourism development of the destination. They are aware that it is they who carry the largest share of tourism on their backs, and therefore want, together with small partners, to help in the development of the local and regional community through sustainable cooperation. 

Kao the first Healthness Resort in Europe which values ​​the well-being and development of its employees, Terme Sveti Martin offers various motivational, educational and healthy programs for employees such as yoga classes, sports programs and continuous professional development. This is proven by the certificate "A company that is a friend of health"which they received as the first spa in Croatia, and they are also the first hotel company in Croatia to proudly carry the certificate"LGBTIQ+ labor law employer". Terme also joined the Family Friendly Company project and in January introduced a number of measures for better management of human resources with an emphasis on harmonizing the professional and family life of employees.

Active engagement through various programs, volunteering, involvement of local residents in the process of purchasing domestic products, encouraging residents to establish OPG, support in the development of local tourist attractions, donations to the needy, sponsoring associations, supporting initiatives and the like, are just some of the activities that are carried out with the aim of growing together with the environment surrounding this resort. Because destination is a much broader concept than the kvet itself. 

Terme Sveti Martin is certainly a "case study" for everyone in Croatia in the green transformation of the hotel industry. 

Author  HrTurizam.hr

15. September 2023.