MarsOvca - Novalja invites you to an event that presents the traditional gastronomy of the island of Pag


19. April 2024.

The sheep of Pag is truly a unique animal - we can freely say "the sheep of sheep" - because it proved that it can survive on bare rock.

The surface of the island of Pag, where these special sheep manage to find food, is characterized by fragrant immortelle seasoned with salt and other aromatic herbs.

"A sheep over sheep" gives milk from which the hardworking hands of local farmers create Pag cheese, the best cheese in the world. 

Novalja food

Storms and stormy seas contribute to the fact that this island reminds many of other planets, often Mars. Therefore, the name perfectly suits the miraculous Pag sheep - Martian Sheep.

The newcomers decided to put their sheep on the throne, where it belongs, and thus thank this humble animal for feeding them for centuries. With the gastronomic manifestation of MarsOvac, they decided to present traditional gastronomy, for which the Pag sheep is very much to blame. 

"MarsOvca is a kind of homage to the Pag sheep, the island's breadwinner and difficult lifestyle, retold through a new gastronomic creation of its products made of meat, cheese, curd, whey and offal", emphasize the organizers of this new gastronomic manifestation, Association of Novalja Craftsmen - Catering Guild, Tourist Board of the City of Novalja and the City of Novalja.

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Novalja food 1

The story of MarsOvca begins in the fence at Novaljski Škuncin's flats on April 26 from 11 a.m.

"On this occasion, we will tell the story of MarsOvca and, together with our top caterers, at 12 o'clock, exactly at noon, we will offer a real 'Novaljski ubed', made from lamb with biji, koptrlica, offal and tripe. These are dishes with the chef's original signature, prepared according to an autochthonous, traditional recipe, in the way they used to be prepared. Now they are before us again, they have withstood all the past times and are waiting for some new true gourmets", say the organizers.


They also invite to the evening part of the gastro program MarsOvca, planned for the public on the same day at Basilica Square starting at 19 p.m.

Lovers of autochthonous cuisine will be able to enjoy dishes prepared by as many as 12 well-known restaurants from the area of ​​the city of Novalja. Bljac and Mljac dishes will be presented on each table, but all of them will be delicious. 

MarsOvac will be found for the first time this year in Novalja restaurants, from April 26 to May 26, when it is the freshest and tastiest.

All guests looking for new and ancient flavors on the menus of certain restaurants in Novalja can expect traditional and somewhat forgotten dishes, such as tripe, kopertla, offal with capulon and lamb on gradele, along with homemade foods and side dishes made of greens and potatoes, curd, cheese and whey.


"We are waiting for you on April 26 in Novalja, on the island of Pag, the birthplace of MarsOvce. Join us for a hedonistic event created just for true foodies," according to the organizers, the Association of Novalja Craftsmen - Catering Guild, the Tourist Board of the City of Novalja and the City of Novalja.

Photo: Novalja Tourist Board


19. April 2024.