Revitalized Kastel Morosini-Grimani opened in Svetvincenat. A European example of how tourism is developing

Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the revitalized and renovated Morosini-Grimani Castle was held in Svetvincenat. It is a project that became the motive for coming and put Svetvinčenat on the obligatory tourist map ...

Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the revitalized and renovated Morosini-Grimani Castle was held in Svetvincenat. It is a project that became the motive for coming and put Svetvincenat on the obligatory tourist map of Istria.

In front of Kaštela, on Placa, guests, guests and friends of the Municipality of Svetvinčenat were welcomed and the leader Jelena Vitasović, dressed in Morosin, introduced them to the interior of the walls of Kaštela where the official part of the Kaštela opening program was held.

"The castle was a branch, it was big but quiet uda It fitted miracles, the castle began to be rebuilt, and with the renovation it has ears and life, various events are organized, the castle dances, buckets, movies are watched and people gather again inside the walls . This is what gives us all the courage to dream of a restored castle. Our castle, which will no longer be a monument to the police, will only become a monument to be visited, will be full of life and will follow this small municipality and its people into the future."Said in an emotional speech the mayor of Svetvincenat Dalibor Macan.

And rightly so, because this small but big destination has experienced a real tourist boom in the last 10 years, all in the domain of butterfly wingspan and positive chaos theory, which thanks to tourist attractions and primarily sustainable and strategic tourism development has come to life and I can say saved the municipality from depopulation.

Thanks to the vision and courage of a small but unique team, the project was completed, valuable and important for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the wider region, with a total value of HRK 22.594.779,13. Proof of how you can when you want to, despite all the challenges and problems.

After suffering in II. During the World War, Kaštel remained devastated, and its restoration and protection began in early 2000. With the joint funds of the Ministry of Culture, the County of Istria, the Region of Veneto and the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, the walls were renovated and the square tower was repaired. Through the Revitas project, the tower and balustrade were restored. And these were only the first steps in the reconstruction, followed by the project of reconstruction of the castle palace as the most demanding construction project within the program co-financed by the EU - KULTERRA.

At the beginning of December 2016, the implementation of the most important municipal project, the integrated development program "KulTERRA - Revitalization of Istrian castles Morosini - Grimani and Petrapilos" began, which includes investments in cultural heritage through integration of various but related activities to improve cultural property management Buzet, but also put in the function of sustainable cultural tourism.

As part of the project, the valorization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage has been realized, and positive economic impacts on the local economy can already be seen through self-employment, strengthening cultural and other tourist activities, and numerous direct or indirect positive effects. Which is a real miracle for our frameworks.

The realized project is another proof of quality management of local self-governments in rural Istria. It is this atmosphere and optimism that is the great wealth of a smaller local community - when a number of individuals unite and achieve hard work and hard work, and ideas become opportunities for a better future.

Realization of the construction part of the reconstruction of Kaštela and interior design (creation of multimedia content) was made only part or second step in its complete revitalization and inclusion in the life of the local and wider community and to the honor and admiration of the whole region. But it is only a great main base around which tourism develops, not the only one.

Namely, Svetvinčenat became an exemplary example of storytelling in tourism and rounded off the story like no other destination in Croatia. And it all started with a bold vision of tourism strategy a decade ago. It has come a long way from putting ideas and goals on paper to the present day, but in a manner of undermining the status quo and perseverance, Svetvinčenat has shown how a small municipality without a sea can succeed.

An original and adrenaline-filled “escape” adventure allows the Morosini-Grimani castle to be experienced through a different and modern story. It is an innovative concept, unique in the world, based on Istrian legends and historical records. The game is for all generations and lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

Also, there is the House of the Witch Mare - a visitor center dedicated to the diverse tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Svetvincenat, interpreted by modern technologies: 3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality. Visitors can try their hand at virtual archery and test their chivalrous skills, and with augmented reality glasses, they can experience Svetvincenat in a unique way, participate in the search for the lost equipment of an unknown horseman and be able to peek into the past. From the whole story came a private initiative that phenomenally followed the whole story - Sanc Theme Park. Michael which consists of a castle of 400 square meters and is built of wooden logs.

Also, the historical association Kaštel from Svetvinčenat, which was created thanks to the renovation of Kaštel Morosini-Grimani, during the summer season organizes the play "Medieval Nights in the Castle". The performances take place in the Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvincenat and last about 60 minutes, and the program includes a knights' tournament, witch burning, an interesting competition with catapult shooting and a fire show - a night fight of knights with lighted torches. As well as the nationally popular Medieval Festival - an event that revives the medieval atmosphere. During the three days of the festival, about a hundred costumed participants - nobles, knights, archers, horsemen and medieval ladies - will vividly present the everyday life of that historical period. A knight's camp, knightly duels, the infamous church inquisition, night sieges with catapults and fireballs are a small part of what awaits visitors in Svetvincenat.

Finally, it should be noted that the renovated Kaštel Morosini-Grimani, is not just a building, but through stotytelling and modern 3D mapping technology, virtual and augmented reality, which no one in Croatia has so far implemented, for the interpretation of cultural heritage for tourism purposes has its added and a new story. The castle is alive, not just a restored and "dead capital".

Today, Svetvinčenat has about 415 holiday homes, strategically and sustainably thinks and develops its tourist story and they have created or completed their tourist story like no other destination in Croatia and become a term for storytelling in tourism. And not only within our framework, but at the European level. Definitely a mandatory internship for all tourism management students.

Kaštel has always been a central and unavoidable part of the history of the place and its wider surroundings, and now it will experience a new life cycle and tell a new story - a cultural and tourist story. Find out more about the tourist story of Svetvinačenat here.

How did the small Municipality make a tourist miracle? More information in a new story soon.

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