The first National Congress of Caterers has begun

Today, the City of Čakovec will host more than 300 caterers from all over Croatia at the first National Congress of Caterers, which will be held at the Cultural Center. It is a unique ...

Today, the City of Čakovec will host more than 300 caterers from all over Croatia at the first National Congress of Caterers, which will be held at the Cultural Center.

It is a unique event that will bring together all important stakeholders who directly or indirectly operate in the gastronomic and tourism sector, with the aim of conducting a constructive discussion on current issues and devising solutions and visions for the future of this sector.

The program of the first National Congress of Caterers will include three panel discussions. The first panel discussion will address presentation of the Kravata model in catering, which will classify the criteria for the use of Croatian products. It will be attended by businessmen and representatives of large companies such as Metro and Pika, representative of the Coordination of Croatian Caterers Marin Medak, and the participation of the Minister of Tourism is also expected Gary Cappelli. The Kravata model is conceived as a symbol of the recognizability of the Croatian catering offer and provides Croatian gastronomy with a clear identity and uniqueness with an emphasis on quality.

The second panel discussion will address the issue tax burden in catering, that is, potential tax and administrative relief in catering and related activities, as well as the announced reduction of VAT on food preparation and serving. He will contribute to the panel discussion, among others representative of the Croatian Professional Accountants Initiative (IPRH), president of the Lipa association Davor Huić, President of the Association of Caterers of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Vedran Jakominić, and the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Economy is expected.

The third panel discussion will address an important issue emigration, labor force and education of employees in the hospitality industry. The changes that follow and how to adequately prepare for the upcoming season will be discussed Petar Lovrić from the Association of Independent Entrepreneurs of Employers, project manager of Raise the Bar Coca-Cola HBC Croatia Filip Verbanac, director of Zarja Group Zvonimir Belić, owner of the company Posao u turizmu Nataša Kačar and President of the Dubrovnik Association of Caterers Ante Vlašić.

"The first National Congress of Hospitals is conceived as a key event to be held each year, at which all key issues related to the hospitality sector will be discussed. We are facing a turbulent period - we are preparing to reduce the VAT rate for the preparation and serving of food in restaurants to 13 percent, and currently it is not entirely clear in what form and which facilities the proposed measures will cover. Also, we are preparing for the new tourist season and at all costs we want to avoid the situation in June, when we prevented a serious blow to all catering facilities, but also tourism as a whole, through a firefighting measure to increase quotas for foreigners. This is a unique opportunity to bring together all stakeholders in the hospitality industry, who will share their experiences and opinions on how the tourism and hospitality sector should develop.", Said the representative of the Coordination of Caterers Marin Medak.

In addition to panel discussions, visitors will be able to choose from four interesting workshops. The first relates to the culture of behavior and behavior at the table and at the table and raising the quality of service in the hospitality industry, which will be implemented Damjan Miletić from the Business Academy Rijeka. He will present the mixology of cocktails at the second workshop Marin Nekić, and all about franchising in the food and beverage sector and the untapped potential of such a way of doing business at the third workshop will be presented by the franchise owner Surf'n'Fries Adria Andrija Čolak.

Minister Cappelli emphasized that the intention of lower VAT in catering is not to lower prices, but to open space for salary increases and new investments.

On that occasion, Međimurje and Rijeka family farms and Međimurje winemakers will present their local products. The First National Congress of Caterers will thus show in the best and most representative way that domestic products, tradition and knowledge are the best recipe for the success of tourism and hospitality in Croatia.

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