Now is the time to be different and tell the story

Four years ago, more precisely in 2016, after a terrible terrorist attack at Brussels airport and at a subway station, in which dozens of people were killed, tourism is logical ...

Four years ago, in 2016 to be precise, after the horrific terrorist attack at Brussels airport and at the subway station, in which dozens of people were killed, tourism logically absolutely stopped for a while.

For weeks after this event, the world media continued to write about this terrible event, which of course had negative consequences for the tourism sector. Visit Brussels jumps into this story, aiming to change the image and perception of Brussels as an uncertain destination.

Classic advertising and promotion through classic mosaic video would certainly not benefit, as well as a competition for the most beautiful garden or sharing photos on social networks, so they visited the local creative agency Air in Visit Brussels, and it turned out to be a real hit.

The Air agency wondered: Who could send a credible message that Brussels is safe and open to tourists? The logical and natural solution is, of course, the residents of Brussels themselves.

And so they came up with the idea for the campaign #CallBrussles.

Namely, in Brussels, telephone boxes or payphones were set up at three locations: Mont des Arts, Place Flagey and Place Communale in Molenbeek, which were called by visitors from all over the world, and passers-by, ie citizens of Brussels, answered and answered all questions. It couldn't be more authentic. Also, each caller had a live video, ie a look at the podium, so he could see live who he was talking to, which made the interaction even more important. And passers-by, ie residents of Brussels, had the opportunity to tell what the real situation in the city is, tell them a story and invite them to visit them.

Now is the time to be different and tell the story. Sure, it’s always been true, but if you haven’t thought outside the box by now, now is the high time to step out.

Although this is a 2016 campaign, it’s never too late to highlight them for great concepts and stories. In fact, the aforementioned campaign gives us a great example of how to be different, attract attention and tell a story. Especially now and in anticipation of Day D, ie 15.06. when most European borders open for tourism. Germany plans to allow tourists to plan trips to 31 European countries from June 15, which would end the directive against all international travel.

As the European tourism market opens up completely, now is the time to launch targeted tourism campaigns. But as usual, let alone at this point, everyone will be communicating and fighting for literally every guest at the same time. So is Croatia.

What we do know is there will be a terrible noise in communication.

In all that noise in communication we don’t have time for commercials, but we do have time for a great story. Sell ​​me a story, not a product - the mantra is storytelling.

And in order to stand out from the crowd, be different, attract and hold attention, you have to tell the story and think outside the box, in order to jump out of the crowd. You can also see what this means in particular in the next great campaign that broke the "internet" from the zero euro budget for advertising.

"Remember that words not only affect the price of an egg - but also its taste”Points out Rory Sutherland in his book Alchemy.

And that narrative, story, words have incredible power. Just remember the experiment of Phillip Graham who bought the most common items on eBay in 2010, and put those same items up for sale, but with one significant difference. With each subject, he invented a personal story and connection to the subject. The result was fascinating. He bought an ordinary pepper bowl for 99 cents and sold the same item for $ 28. He spent a total of $ 197, and thanks to the story or narrative alone, he earned $ 8.000. The power of storytelling.

And finally, an interesting fact. In the first film #CallBrussles your attention was occupied for 1 minute and 59 seconds, and in the second The Village-Phone, even 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The holy grail would be said by marketing experts.

Today, in the world of marketing, it is the most difficult to attract and retain attention. I can also highlight the YouTube effect here. How to keep the viewer from squeezing skip on a YouTube ad after 5 seconds? The solution is just storytelling.

Tell stories, tell our authentic stories. What's your story? What story are you going to tell to get such important attention?

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