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Selected best photos of Zagreb County

The Zagreb County Tourist Board organized a photo competition for the selection of the most beautiful photographs of the Zagreb County, called "Photo Zagreb County". The competition was intended for everyone who deals with photography, were ...

Zagreb County Tourist Board organized a photo competition for the selection of the most beautiful photographs of Zagreb County, called “Photo Zagreb County”. The competition was intended for everyone involved in photography, be they professionals or amateurs. The award ceremony was held today in the presence of the awarded authors of photographs, which delighted the expert jury of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, as well as followers of social networks.

“Our vision is to create a destination identity, and in order to realize that vision, the process must be alive for all visitors and tourists who come to the destination. With this photo contest, we wanted to see a unique experience, based on the feeling and experience of the destination, and through the lens of each of us to highlight the unique attributes of a particular destination with what makes it different from the others, authentic. In this way, we wanted to influence the preservation and promotion of identity and tradition and the image of our green and sustainable destination in general. Congratulations to all the winners because I have to admit, it was certainly hard to decide which one arouses the most emotions among them", said the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board during the awards ceremony Ivana Alilović.

The purpose of the competition was to show the cultural and historical sights and traditions of Zagreb County, a story or experience from one of the events, an active vacation in nature or rural areas, which will further promote the visit and research of Zagreb County.

The photos were published daily on the social networks of the Tourist Board, and the authors who collected the most likes are:


The best 10 photos were also announced according to the expert jury, which will be presented at the exhibition, and the Zagreb County Tourist Board will use them to promote the destination.

The expert jury selected the following authors of photographs:


The competition enabled a wide creative expression and encouraged artists / amateurs to create and think about the details and curiosities of Zagreb County on their own. The photos were to be taken in the period from 2018 to 2021 in the Zagreb County, according to the following topics:

- active stay in nature
- manifestations
- cultural and historical sights
- tradition
- rural motives

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