Terme Sveti Martin is again at the top of green destinations

A new recognition in the form of a Good Travel certificate has arrived in the hands of Terme Sveti Martin, which once again emphasizes the commitment to green business

Author  HrTurizam Promo

1. March 2024.

A new recognition in the form of a Good Travel certificate has arrived in the hands of Terma Sveti Martin, which once again emphasizes the unwavering commitment to green business and positions them as a leading proponent of sustainable tourism.

The prestigious certificate, which was handed over by Prefect of Međimurje Matija Posavec and key tourism officials, praises the commitment of Terme Sveti Martin to high ecological standards and sustainable management. The approach of this First Health resort in Europe to environmentally friendly business goes beyond conventional norms, making it a pioneer in the industry. Good trip is a guarantee of an extremely high standard in the tourism industry, with a focus on environmental protection, awarded by the company Tourism Lab, and whose director is she Katarina Miličević  on this occasion she emphasized:

"Dear people of Međimurje, you are the first again and you have once again shown Croatia how to manage sustainable tourism. Today we are awarding this type of certificate to the first 13 facilities and companies in Croatia, in Međimurje, where the synergy of the private and public sectors has been achieved, which is key for development of sustainable tourism."

Resort Terme Sveti Martin stands side by side with other certified entities in Međimurje County, jointly turning the region into the only Croatian destination with the Green Destination label. Terme Sveti Martin recognizes and welcomes fellow stakeholders who share their passion for sustainable tourism, encouraging collaboration for a more sustainable future.

Awarding of certificates for achievements in the sustainable development of the Saint Martin spa

"Sustainability is not just a choice, it is a responsibility we have towards our planet and future generations, and we at Terme Sveti Martin live it, intertwining sustainability with every part of our business", declares Nuša Korotaj, director of Terma Sveti Martin.

The commitment of Terme Sveti Martin to green business was additionally highlighted by participating in a round table at the Gast fair in Zagreb. The theme, "Time off, but Time on for togetherness and sustainability" showcased the resort's active participation in shaping sustainability discussions within the industry. Terme Sveti Martin is proud to contribute to the development of the narrative of responsible tourism, with an emphasis on the strategy of environmental protection, society and management.

Terme Sveti Martin continues to set high standards for green business in the tourism sector. Guests here can expect an impressive and environmentally conscious experience while contributing to the preservation of the planet.

Photo source: Terme Sveti Martin

Author  HrTurizam Promo

1. March 2024.