TUI made special packages for digital nomads - TUI Workations. Digital nomads are no longer a buzz, but a trend that is growing in an upward trajectory

In line with global “mobile” remote work, more and more companies are introducing policies that officially give employees the opportunity to work elsewhere over an extended period of each ...

According to the global "mobile" remote work or teleworking, more and more companies are introducing policies that officially give employees the opportunity to work elsewhere for an extended period of time each year.

And as it happens on the market, where there is demand, there is supply, so one of the world's largest tour operators TUI sees its opportunity in the segment of supply to digital nomads, ie to fill the gap that opens.

That's how TUI recently launched packages. "workations”, Offering on the market packages of stays of 7, 21 or 28 days in 50 all-inclusive hotels and resorts. Criteria include at least four stars, WiFi, work space and a balcony or terrace.

"I’ve talked, just conceptually, with a few big employers in the UK about what they think about this. And there is certainly some interest in high-level remote work packages. Companies could see this as a fantastic benefit for employees. They could even use it as a reward mechanism or incorporate it into their own employee benefit packages. ”, He said Richard Sofer, Director of Commercial and Business Development at TUI UK and Ireland for Shift.

Many companies already offer their staff subsidized prices for things like gym membership or movie tickets, so agreed corporate arrangements for these special holidays would be a logical extension. Especially because there is a great interest of employees to work from home, ie from another destination, without the need to go to the office.

In the U.S., more and more employees are going on longer trips for long-distance work, according to a recent September 2021 report by Skift Research U.S. Travel Tracker: Highlights.

"Some of our suppliers ask us what they need to do to be included in the workcation package. They are starting to see this as a convenient way to pack their hotel, but also to offer it to people who may not have thought about their hotel before.Said Sofer.

As the world’s largest holiday operator, TUI has largely tested the concept on its UK employees, who already work remotely. In fact, it was partly thanks to them that the idea took hold. "We surveyed 2000 employees to hear their views, and it was employee reactions that led us to this concept., ”Sofer said, adding that about 1.000 employees said they wanted to use the package workations.


"Instead of working from home, you can also work from the Canary Islands, Greece or Jamaica”- reads the message TUI when promoting the TUI workation offer. As they further state, they have personally chosen hotels that are perfect for a working holiday, so you can spend your free time sipping cocktails at sunset, walking along the beach or making the most of the resort’s activities. Also, the TUI states that all hotels in their offer with all inclusive offer.

Currently, TUI Workation offers offers in 51 hotels, from Spain, Greece, Cyprus to Morocco and Jamaica, and interestingly, two offers are also in Croatia - TUI BLUE Adriatic Beach and TUI BLUE Makarska.

The price for the first hotel on the basis of 7 nights and all inclusive offer is 625 pounds, and for a hotel in Makarska 794 pounds per person. Note, the price includes air transport from London to Split, of course via TUI Airways. By including Croatia as a destination for digital nomads within the TUI offer, we certainly have a lot of free advertising and a step further in branding our destination as ideal for digital nomads.

Today, our beautiful digital nomads are placed on the 2nd place, after Japan, according to the research (sample of 150.000 digital nomads) of the portal, which is the main reference point on the topic of digital nomads.

Also, Zagreb is on the same list fifth place as the most desirable destination for digital nomads. In front of Zagreb are only Tokyo, Taipei, Mexico City and Cape Town. According to the data from the mentioned page, as many as 3.000 digital nomads came to Croatia in July 2021 alone.

Also, the CNN and Lonely Planet they have already mentioned Croatia as ideal a destination for digital nomads, thus providing us with a huge free media space and a large global media reach. 

Defining accommodation prices for digital nomads as the biggest challenge


By the way, when we talk about offers for digital nomads, there is one challenge - and that is to define the price of accommodation for digital nomads. Currently, various hotels and other accommodations are testing the market and playing, or rather testing with prices, because there is no specific standard.

In Croatia, too, many hotels offered special offers for digital nomads this year, and Falkensteiner went the furthest, recently opening the first one in cooperation with grabAhome - the first Croatian platform for medium-term rental accommodation.Valley for digital nomads"

Also, last week Croatian Digital Nomads Association launched the platform - DNAStay, which offers long-term rental accommodation for digital nomads.

Namely, they addressed the members of the DNA Croatia association every day, asking them where they could find apartments, houses or villas for medium or long-term rent. At the same time, property owners have also contacted the Association with a question about where they can list their property because they want to target digital nomads and rent out their property.

For this reason, the Digital Nomad Croatia Association offered a solution, supporting both Croatian property owners and the digital nomad community - by launching The DNA Stay platform is active, and already gathers over 5.000 ads offering accommodation for digital nomads. 

As always, the market will only be regulated according to the demand and requirements of digital nomads. If the price is too high, it will not be sold, and vice versa. The market is the best regulator. And as for the focus on digital nomads, I can certainly conclude that it is no longer buzz, rather than an upward trend. Thus, it will become part of the classic tourist offer, both in the world and in Croatia. If you haven't yet, be sure to jump on this "train", especially destinations that must create a destination "framework" (each target group has its own motives and specifics, including digital nomads) and promote yourself as an ideal destination for digital nomads. I repeat, the bed is not a motive for coming, but a destination.

Day by day, more and more companies will offer options to work from home, ie without the daily obligation to work from the office, and thus the offer will expand, targeting digital nomads.

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