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Why is there a shortage of labor in the Adriatic?

Thousands of unemployed on the stock exchange, and there is a shortage of labor in the Adriatic in tourism. We are a strange country and another absurdity, and early tourist workers are surprised and wonder: ...

Thousands of unemployed on the stock exchange, and there is a shortage of labor in the Adriatic in tourism. We are a strange country and another absurdity, and early tourism workers are amazed and wonder: Why don’t people want to work?

There are certainly many reasons, and one of them is focused on the labor force from Slavonia.

Slavonians have been "moving" to the sea every tourist season for years and have been working on various jobs in tourism for a couple of months. Tourist companies and entrepreneurs all point out that Slavonians are quality and hard-working workers, but in the whole equation the most important thing is how cheap labor is. Why don't they educate them? Also, most of them are hired through employment agencies, so that the workers themselves get even lower wages.

By the way, tens of thousands of young people have been leaving Slavonia for years, the exact number is unknown, but the decline of the population in Slavonia is very much felt in the cities themselves, and the villages are turning into empty museums of the past. Every week, over 300 young people leave Osijek. Every week for a couple of years, you know math. Before, people went to Slavonia for bread, and today they flee from it for bread to Ireland, Germany, Austria… There were similar scenarios before, but again totally different ones. The head of the family went to work in Germany and sent the money home, and eventually returned to his well-deserved retirement home. Today, young, able-bodied, educated people with whole families are leaving and are not sending money home nor will they return. This is a big difference in the whole paradigm and a problem that no one is dealing with, and it will leave terrible consequences. The reason why young Slavonians go abroad is unfortunately simple - they have lost hope, hope for a better tomorrow. But let’s get back to the topic.

Everything is great when you have cheap seasonal labor, and when they are still high quality and valuable it can’t get any better. But it is a situation that is unsustainable in the long run, but obviously no one cared. Out of the need to survive, Slavonians went to work on the Adriatic, where they had cheap labor. This may sound harsh, but can we call it exploitation?

It may be a harsh word, but let’s look at working conditions.

Low salary, working hours do not exist, overtime is not paid, job description anything and everything, working conditions are catastrophic… of course there are always positive examples and employers, but in general these are the facts. I wonder if the tourism sector will now import foreigners as cheap labor, and teach them the Croatian language? Shouldn't effort and quality be rewarded and isn't it in anyone's interest to keep quality workers? If we compare the total profit and the cost of wages - everything is clear.

I wonder who invests in seasonal education? Only a couple of tourism companies educate their employees before starting work, which is illogical because the quality of service in tourism should come first. Even some travel companies use the term permanent seasonal? It is tragic that the Slavonians got that epithet as well. But it is a broad story that is associated with a short tourist season, but also the problem that most hotel companies are not engaged in tourism, but in real estate. The emigration of the population from Slavonia, ie the labor force that has been filling the quota of vacancies in the Adriatic for years, is certainly one of the main problems why there is a shortage of labor force in tourism this year, and the problem will be bigger and bigger. Who can live and maintain a family as a seasonal worker? Or a permanent seasonal?


Museum of Vučedol Culture, Vukovar

Now, let's turn the board around a bit and the whole paradigm.

If Slavonia has quality, valuable, valued and most importantly tourist workers with great experience, isn't that one big capital? Why is tourism not flourishing in Slavonia? We have all the prerequisites - a quality workforce with great experience, excellent tourist stories and resources, potentials that the whole of Europe admires when they visit Slavonia. What is the problem if we know that only Austria earns more money on summer tourism, not winter tourism, and is visited by more tourists than our entire Croatia during 365 days. Personally, I claim that the salvation in Slavonia is precisely in tourism, which in 10 months can generate more money than the sea, which lasts three months. There are no more large industries that will employ thousands of people, in agriculture, which is, to put it mildly, on your knees, there is no salvation and now start with positive changes, because while the whole process starts, a lot of time will pass, investments can be counted on fingers, etc.… Salvation is in tourism, which with relatively little money compared to other investments and a short period of time can start the whole economy. Then the title of this post would be: Slavonians choir of labor shortages import labor from Hungary and Bosnia. That should be a reality or hopefully the near future. But again, it all depends on ourselves.

Why is tourism in Slavonia not flourishing? Because there are no tourists, so neither consumption, nor investments in tourism because there is no return on investment. We have everything, we just don't have tourists and investments in infrastructure. How much money is invested in the promotion, development and growth of continental tourism, and how much in maritime tourism? Of course, the ratio is on the side of sea tourism, but can continental tourism be at least at various 10%? Does he deserve that much? How much has the state invested in continental tourism, from day one until today?

In three to four years, of course if we want, Slavonia can flourish on the wings of tourism. And when business activity and consumption are generated, it in itself attracts other sectors and investments.

Everything is somehow slowly coming back to us like a boomerang, and there is still no awareness or discussion of how to proceed and how to solve the problems. While he is going and while he is well, everyone is silent. I always emphasize and encourage argumentative discussion, this is my contribution to it, let's talk and argue about problems, ideas, visions… not in a negative context, but honestly and openly with the goal of solving problems, because only then can we as individuals and as a society grow and develop se.

Tourist seasonal workers deserve much better working conditions and certainly respect, which has been lost over the years.

What is your opinion?

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