Simple beach search for tourists: 1.000 Croatian beaches in one place

Gregor Balazic, the author of the project BeachRex, presents the web portal that currently covers over 1.000 Croatian and 20 Slovene beaches. The establishment of the probably biggest database...

Gregor Balazic, the author of the project BeachRex, presents the web portal that currently covers over 1.000 Croatian and 20 Slovene beaches. The establishment of the probably biggest database of beaches in the world has lasted 4 years, and soon, there will also be 1.500 French, Spanish and Italian beaches presented.

After a few-years-long-call of beaches, Gregor Balazic decided to leave the position in the company, bought a camper van, camera and started the exploration journey of the Mediterranean beaches with a thorough plan and a clear vision. Its result consists of the wide collection of 50.000 photographs, 2.500 videos and 3D spherical shots, and more than 500.000 details about the beach type, infrastructure, facilities and services offered at a particular beach. The data is currently available on the modern website. „There is also a mobile application planned to be realised shortly, enabling beach visitors or tourism providers to present their beach on the portal in accordance with the high standards of beach presentation at BeachRex wants to help tourist locations and providers to equally present their beaches and services.“ says Gregor Balazic.  Therefore, the website also offers the tools for a simple presentation of a particular tourist provider, tourist organisation, location, region or country.

Each beach is presented with some high quality photographs, a video and 3D spherical shot enabling the viewer to see it from every perspective. There are also photographs and data about car parking facilities, the way to the beach, navigation and travel time form the starting point to the beach, current weather, water temperature, weather forecast and webcam available. Moreover, BeachRex offers information about what beaches are composed of (e.g., sand, stones, and also about natural shadow), occupation, accordance with the user’s needs (Family beach, Explorer beach, Party beach), and information about available accommodation at the beach, restaurants, sports facilities and animations. There are approximately 200 different information units available for each beach. Every user can add their comment and rate the beach. It is also possible to book an accommodation at the beach.

The search process of the beach which meets the user’s needs the best is made easier in several ways, e.g. with an intuitive filter, with the organisation of beaches in six categories according to the material comprising them or three categories according to the user type, with the list of beaches at main tourist destinations or a click on Google Maps and the choice of the beach.

Find beaches on Google Maps

On Google Maps, beach photographs by BeachRex have reached more than 1.5 million views in only 6 months. The website has mostly been used by Germans (25% of the users), followed by Poles, Czechs, Slovenes, Austrians, Hungarians, Croatians, Slovaks, Americans and Italians. Facebook of BeachRex has 38.000 followers.

The purpose of the project BeachRex is to make tourists’ holiday experience better in giving them the opportunity to be able to choose the beach first and then book the accommodation or also check the suitability of the beach before booking since they will spend most of the days there. The users save a lot of time when they search for a dream beach with BeachRex and they always have the best overview of the variety of offers. BeachRex therefore introduces a new level of quality in beach presentation and offer. The vision of the project BeachRex is to present all the world’s beaches in one place.

All beaches you can find on web site: . Be free to explore.