Ingenious and so simple. Delivery of groceries started directly from the plot to the doorstep of tourists in "Holiday homes with a story"

"Holiday houses with a story", a project of branding rural accommodation in Varaždin County, continues to expand. After the Varaždin City Market started the delivery of groceries to the homes of the citizens of Varaždin, now is the possibility ...

"Holiday houses with a story", a project for branding rural accommodation in Varaždin County, continues to expand.

After the City Market of Varaždin started the delivery of groceries to the homes of the citizens of Varaždin, now the possibility of direct delivery of groceries from the market is available for all guests of the "Holiday house with a story".

Directly from the Varaždin plot to "Holiday houses with a story"

The first step of connecting agricultural producers in the Varaždin region with holiday homes was realized through the so-called. "Varaždinske kištrice“Which each group of guests receives as a welcome gift and which aims to present indigenous products of Varaždin County.

Namely, the Tourist Board of Varaždin County has provided a free "Varaždinska kištrica" ​​for all holders of the "Holiday Homes with a Story" standard, which currently contains Varaždin pumpkin oil, gingerbread, honey, buckwheat flour mills, lavender and eco-cosmetics, and tourist brochures. with all relevant information. 

The availability of fresh food, without leaving the Holiday Home, has been recognized as an opportunity to better connect small farmers with tourism and involve the wider local community in the development and raising the quality of the "Holiday Home with a Story".

Varaždinske kištrice / Photo: TZ Varaždinske županije

Fresh food is ordered from Monday to Saturday. The completed order leaflet located in each "Holiday house with a story" must be photographed and sent to the e-mail address:

By the way, the Varaždin market has a status Certified peasant markets which guarantees sales directly from the manufacturer and the organic origin of the product. The price of delivery depends on the distance of the holiday home, and the price list of groceries can be checked HERE.

This is certainly a step further in involving small farmers in tourism and responding to the needs of modern guests "Eat local, healthy and homemade“On vacation or travel it becomes more and more important.

Delivery of groceries directly from the plot to the doorstep of tourists - ingenious and so natural, logical and simple. With direct delivery of fresh, organic or organic fruits and vegetables from the market from local family farms, a great continuation of the story would be to encourage development and promotion of family farms that have or will have (targeted county subsidy) space on the doorstep to taste their products or various workshops, as on the example of wine tasting rooms. Thus, family farms would have direct sales on the doorstep, generate additional content and generate additional income, all through direct communication with guests via Varaždinske kištrice.

Because if the guest gets and tastes, for example, buckwheat flour mills, then in the basket through the flyer he sees the location of the family farm, which emphasizes how he can participate in the workshop or make them according to the traditional recipe. In addition to quality content, after the workshop on the doorstep he can also buy added quantities of products to take home.

As with winemakers. You get / buy a bottle of wine, you like it, visit a winery, taste more wine and buy a bottle or carton of wine to take home. Rounded story.

Same story as with market delivery. “This tomato was planted by grandmother "Nada" in her garden. Visit it and find out how to make homemade tomato sauce”Or story extensions with Varaždin pumpkin oil, honey… especially with authentic products from Varaždin County.

The direction of your thinking is clear.

Photo: Varaždin pumpkin oil association

Otherwise, Varaždin pumpkin oil it is the first in Croatia to protect its name and geographical origin. The fact that Varaždin pumpkin seed oil won two gold medals at the prestigious world competition in May this year shows that this is a top product. World Selection in Brussels.

By the way, Varaždin County has seven products that are already under one of the forms of protection in the European Union and / or in Croatia. In addition to Varaždin pumpkin oil, these are: Varaždin cabbage, Zagorje turkey, Zagorje mills, Varaždin klipič, Zagorje štruklji and Zagorje acacia honey. Authentic products which tourists want to taste and experience, and with which it is imperative to make a complete tourist story. It is the added value of tourism.



The number of holders of the "Holiday Home with a Story" quality label has climbed to 45 houses with a total of 220 beds.

According to data before the coronavirus pandemic, about 90 percent of tourists who come to "Holiday Homes with a Story" are Germans, Danes, Scandinavians, and on average stay a minimum of seven nights. Find out more about the whole project as well as a list of all the houses with the story on the website

"Holiday houses with a story" are so far the best example of accommodation branding in Croatia. Direction to be followed by all other destinations.


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