52 thematic hiking trails of the Split-Dalmatia County were presented

Hiking through the history and beauties of Central Dalmatia


Author  HrTurizam.hr

January 22, 2022

Today, the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County (TZSD) presented 52 themed hiking trails Split-Dalmatia County in the length of 327 kilometers on the coast, islands and in Zagora.

The themed trails, which are a new tourist product, represent a step towards active tourism and new tourist content in the wake of the world's search for tourists for a longer stay in the open air with a thoughtful story and original offer. In order for guests to see exactly before they arrive in Central Dalmatia how they can actively relax and walk through attractive landscapes, all thematic trails have been processed and presented in digital form and Google Street View image each of them, and through two brochures - thematic trails of the island and the second thematic trails of coastal Central Dalmatia.

"Local tourist boards have suggested trails to carry  a story or curiosity, hence the trails are named. Our goal is to disperse tourist traffic for the whole year and in all parts of our county, because Central Dalmatia has all the prerequisites for that. These themed trails are additional content, especially because of Google Street View, which was first implemented in this way in this tourist product. It provides travel agencies with the opportunity to shape the stories of themed trails into their creative tourism products, and the County Tourist Board will follow everything with active marketing on the foreign market in the coming months. " He said Joško Stella, director of TZSD County.

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By the way, all themed tracks are set to GoogleMaps as StartPoint, each is saved as GoogleStreetView with  Google's location. This information was put on the Strava application, which is the world's most used application for walkers, and on Alltrails, which is used by everyone who is engaged in active holidays.

Everything is also on TripAdvisor, and on the new website of the County Tourist Board there will be descriptions, pictures and links so that everyone can follow their every step on their mobile phone along the thematic path.

By the way, the Split-Dalmatia County is the first region in Europe to introduce through Google Maps Google Sea view which will allow its users to view the complete sea route along the coast of this county. 



Author  HrTurizam.hr

January 22, 2022