Example of adaptation to the new normal: Lonjsko polje has 50% more individual guests

This year, the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park was visited by as many as 5300 individual guests. Although due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park opened to visitors only in May, two months later ...
  • This year, the Lonjsko polje Nature Park was visited by as many as 5300 individual guests

Although due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus Lonjsko polje Nature Park for visitors opened only in May, two months later than usual, this year there 50 percent more individual guests compared to last year.

This is the result of the systematic adjustment of the Park to new circumstances, but also a new way of managing visitors and strengthening communication activities, they informed the media and in fact they should be rightly praised. Namely, if we take into account how much has not been done, these figures are more than a fantastic result for this nature park on the continent.

Namely, after the organized arrivals of kindergartens, schools and groups of retirees were canceled, the Park quickly adapted and focused on families with children and nature lovers and active lifestyles such as walkers and cyclists. Which is actually a logical sequence and turned out to be a complete hit.


-Respecting the measures and recommendations of epidemiologists from the current situation, we tried to produce the best. Almost all of our tourist facilities are outdoors, and their diversity and richness of flora and fauna of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park have enabled us to make the Park a desirable tourist destination. This year we record 5300 individual visits, which is two thousand more than last year. Thanks to the beautiful autumn days, that number could grow even more- said Marija Kušmiš, director of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park Public Institution.

In order to make the visit to Lonjsko polje more interesting for citizens from other parts of the country, the Park has strengthened its tourist offer. The institution manages by boat Juran and Sofia which rides the Cup in Sisak, and on Struga are available solar powered boats you canoe. An extremely valuable part of the work is done by guides who introduce visitors to the coexistence of people and Lonjsko polje in the village of Krapje, birds in ornithological reserve Krapje đol, floods in Mužilovčica and traditional cattle grazing in Repušničko polje. IN visitor center Repušnica educational exhibitions are set up, and photographic workshops for children and adults are organized in cooperation with the Croatian Photo Association. A great example of creating content and adapting to the new normal.

Photo: Ninoslav Vizjak Public Institution Nature Park Lonjsko polje


Since nature protection and tourism go hand in hand in the Park, various departments are involved in the design and provision of tourist services - from nature conservationists to nature protection experts: foresters and agronomists.

-Tourism in Lonjsko polje should be sustainable and in accordance with that we have made progress in the promotion of the Park. Communication is aimed at our target groups, primarily through social networks and includes the provision of information and education. What visitors expect when they come to us is an upgrade of that story. We pay great attention to direct communication with visitors. We want them to learn something new here, but also to tell people close to them about their experience. With this approach, we achieve two things: we build community and involve visitors in content creation and communication- she said Helena Radić Bosanac, Head of the Department for Promotional Activities and the Visiting System at the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution. I have nothing to add but to conclude that everyone should be guided by this example. Here we have a positive example of how adaptation and special emphasis on communication and the introduction of new content can result in positive changes.

An excellent continental story that, with continued branding work and careful targeting of target groups with a special emphasis on communication tools, can bring even more visitors to this park this fall. They are also supported by the fact that most people today flee to nature and these facilities are currently the most interesting tourist product in the whole world, including in Lijepa naša. It will be interesting to follow the situation in other nature parks and National Parks until the end of this, the most challenging tourist year since tourism existed.

Cover photo: Ninoslav Vizjak JU Lonjsko polje Nature Park

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