Days of taste of the Varaždin region: One of the gastronomic reasons for coming to Varaždin County

In Varaždin County, the already traditional sixth "Days of Taste of the Varaždin Region", a unique festival of autochthonous and traditional gas...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

11. March 2023.

In Varaždin County, the already traditional sixth in a row began "Taste days of the Varaždin region", a unique festival of autochthonous and traditional gastronomy.

In the time of March 10-19 16 restaurants, the holder of the Tastes of Varaždin region standard, will allow lovers of gastronomic specialties to at a promotional price from €13,00 to €25,00 enjoy menus from three courses of dishes made from traditional ingredients of the Varaždin County. 

A combination of old recipes through a modern interpretation. The goal of this unique manifestation is to show all that people may have forgotten about, which are traditional dishes from our grandmothers' kitchens made from indigenous ingredients, but in a more modern way.

Every restaurant has prepared two menus with three courses which will provide visitors with everything that makes them love the gastronomy of their region.

This year included in the gastronomic event two new catering facilities – Restaurant Žmah from the Municipality of Cestica and Cafe Count Marica in Varaždin, while Zalogajnica Šanjek, which has been a long-term holder of the Tastes of the Varaždin region standard with its restaurant in Ulica braće Radić, joined the project with its facility on Trg Slobode in Varaždin.

16 catering facilities participated in this gastro festival

In this year's "Days of the Taste of the Varaždin Region", the following catering establishments participate: restaurant Arabela, restaurant August, restaurant Bedem, restaurant Bernarda, restaurant Garestin, rural household Grešna pilnica, hotel Minerva, restaurant and snack bar Šanjek, hotel Trakošćan, hotel Varaždin, hotel LaGus, restaurant Verglec, restaurant Vila Toplissa, restaurant Zlatne gorica, restaurant Žmah, and coffee shop Count Marica.

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The presentation of this unique gastronomy festival was also attended by the Prefect of Varaždin County, Anđelko Stričak, who emphasized that gastronomy is a very important part of the characteristics of the Varaždin region, without which it would be like a "dish without salt". 

"When we add to that our natural and cultural values, the manifestations through which we nurture traditional crafts, customs, culture, sports and the rest, we get a whole that is extremely important for the development of tourism in our area. In this way, he invited all restaurateurs, but also citizens to buy groceries from local OPGs, thus giving an additional "wind at the back" of producers". stressed Stričak.

Explore and experience the various palettes of flavors in the mentioned facilities, which are recognized by the Tastes of Croatian tradition - Tastes of the Varaždin region standard. See the entire menu offer as well as other details by clicking HERE.

Finally, let me refer to the title: Days of Taste of the Varaždin Region: One of the gastronomic reasons for coming to Varaždin County?

Absolutely. We all know that the best way to get to know a region is through local gastronomy, i.e. local food. On the other hand, repetition is important, i.e. the repetition and growth of the manifestation from year to year. This year, the Festival is being held for the sixth time and gathered as many as 16 restaurateurs, who offer old autochthonous recipes with local ingredients, but presented through modern cuisine. 

Food, i.e. gastronomy, has long been a reason for visiting, even in Croatia, especially in the domain of rural and continental tourism. 

/ / / The book "Tastes of the Varaždin Region" should be in the "library" of every holiday home in the Varaždin County

If you are coming to "Days of flavors of the Varaždin region" one of the options for accommodation are holiday homes. 

Varaždin County has 56 certified accommodations with the "Holiday homes with a story", which are responsible for more and more overnight stays by foreign tourists in Varaždin County. It is the best example of branding of rural accommodation in Croatia.

Photo: Varaždin County Tourist Board

Author  HrTurizam Promo

11. March 2023.