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TZ Imota promotes family farms and connects them with tourist facilities

The Imotski Tourist Board, in cooperation with the KUM Proložac Association, is publishing a brochure in which the offer of numerous family farms from the Imotski region will be found. After last year's lockdown, namely, the offer ...

The Imotski Tourist Board, in cooperation with the KUM Proložac Association, is publishing a brochure in which it will be published offer of numerous family farms from the area of ​​Imotski Krajina.

After last year's lockdown, the offer of healthy food from local producers from this area has moved to social networks. The KUM Proložac association started Facebook group “Imotska pijaca” which today has more than 9.000 members, and in order not to be left alone in the virtual world, the Imotski Tourist Board stepped in.

"Imotski pijaca has been connecting family farms since its beginnings, and some of them, who wanted to, found their place in the printed brochure, which we will distribute to renters, hotels, but also at info points in the tourist community", He said Luka Kolovrat, director of the Imotski Tourist Board.

However, this will not be the end of the cooperation between the tourist board and the KUM Association. In order to further promote domestic products, and thus the Imotski region as a tourist destination, it has been announced. event "Imotska market" which would introduce visitors to the offer of the entire destination.

"We plan to hold the event on August 11 and gather domestic producers. The event "Imotska pijaca" will be used for the promotion of producers, but also a brochure that is printed in 2.000 pieces and will be bilingual, in Croatian and English ", Kolovrat added.

The date of the Imotski market, if the epidemiological situation allows it, will coincide with the announcements of an excellent tourist visit in August. Last year, Imotski Krajina achieved a high 70% of tourist results compared to the pre-pandemic 2019.

The results in the first part of this year give room for additional optimism, and according to Kolovrat, since the beginning of July, the results are, compared to last year, better by five to six percent. Finally, let's say that the tourist offer of Imotski and Imotski Krajina has been enriched by the program of the event "Imotski force" as part of which entertainment, music and cultural-artistic programs will be held until August 7.

This story is actually an instruction on how to create sustainable tourism and develop the story of the whole destination. Connecting local producers with tourism should be absolutely normal because the whole local community should live from tourism.

When you add today's imperative that tourists want healthy and organically grown food, they want local food or local specialties and indigenous gastro and eno offer because tourists want to experience the destination with all their senses, then it is clear that this is the direction we must all go. In fact, this is the only direction in which our tourism can go in order to benefit the whole community and to create added value for the destination.

Cover photo: Facebook Imotska pijaca

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